§Age: 16

§Grade: Sophomore

§Gender: Female

§Sexuality: Bisexual

§Religion (if applicable): Christian

§Description of Appearance: She's tall and skinny. She is extremely pale. Has a long and a little bit curly brown hair and has blue eyes.

§Personality (fairly detailed to get a character feel - good points and flaws): She's smart. Has a really good voice and likes to brag about it. She's funny and is a very positive person. She's the most loyal friend you could ever have. It really hurts her when people are mean to her. She doesn't like being with people she dislikes, so she avoids being in contant with them. She's a little shy but when she's around her friends she becomes extremely bold. She's a little bit nerdy.

§Parents: Jorge and Lisa Gomez

§Backstory: Anna was born and raised in Lima, Ohio. She is half Mexican. Her life was really normal until she started high school. She was bullied because of her being a loser and because of her sexuality.

§Relationship History (if applicable): She's never had a boyfriend or girlfriend.

§Likes and Dislikes: Likes: singing, dancing, writing, playing videogames, spending time with her friends. Dislikes: Bullies and violence.

§Hobbies/Extra-curricular Details: Her hobbies are reading, dancing and writing.

§Possible Portrayer: Nicole Linkletter (

§Any ideas for storylines?: I don't know :/

§Anything Else (any other knick-knacks you don't think fit into the above sections): Nope.

§Audition Song: Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis

§Favourite Type of Music/Artist: Rock, Pop and country. She likes Queen, Beatles, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Beyoncé.

§Any other songs: Nope.