Austin Kole Carter


parents : Darren Owens and Quinn Owens

goes by Austin Owens

grade 12

personality: Austin is a lot like Puck was in high school but a little different. Austin is a bad boy. Even though he has a bad rep he makes straights A's. He is obnoxious, fun to hang with, sarcastic, and funny. He may act like he doesn't care but deep down he does. He also does have an attitude from time to time.

He looks a lot like his mom who looks similar to Quinn and has some features of his dad who is similar to Puck. He has medium length, shaggy, brown hair and brown eyes. He is as tall as Puck but not as built. He has a tattoo on his wrist that says ' Never give Up' because he respects that his mom never gave up and got in Yale even after she had a baby.

Relationship: Keeley Evans his girlfriend of 3 years

Storyline: His girlfriend, Keeley Evans, is pregnant and he is very scared about telling his parents. He know eventually he'll have to tell but the thought of how disappointed they may get scares him.

he is straight

Likes: Hockey, football, soccer,basketball, and baseball( he is on all of those teams). he likes mto play piano, drums, and the guitar.The Glee club at first was something that he thought he'd hate but he joined because his girlfriend Alexis keep pleading and now he likes it.

dislikes-bullies, his real dad

Backstory: His mom got pregnant in high school but kept the baby. Thomas is not Austin's biological dad but he's the only dad Austin knows. His real dad is probably somewhere hooked on drugs.He has two twin sisters, Rosie and Kate who are 11. His mom went to Yale and that's how she met his new dad. He really love his family. Even though their life is really hectic and he can't spend enough time with them as he wants.

clique: jocks, glee club sometimes

clubs: basketball, football, soccer, baseball, hockey, and glee

potrayer: Max Schenider

audition song: Her Diamonds-Rob Thomas

songs they could sing:

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In the End-Linkin Park,

Good Life-One Republic,

Homeboy-Eric Church,

The Man I want to be-Chris Young