Full Name (including middle names) and any Nicknames (if applicable): avery "ice" kim Puckerman { no one know her real name is avery}

§ Age: 16

§ Grade: 10

§ Gender: female

§ Sexuality: bisexul

§ Religion (if applicable): Christian

§ Description of Appearance: gold hair and green-hazel eyes

§ Personality (fairly detailed to get a character feel - good points and flaws):gangster. bicthy. smartmouth. people call her queen of sarcastic.witty and love to fight football players. she is the school party girl but she never drinks. say what on her mind. very loyal to her friends

§ Parents: Noah Puckerman

§ Backstory: her dad puck meet cheerleader name heather and they date but after 1 year old/ she got pregnant with his baby/his was very happy. but after avery "ice" was born she leave for her own life.

§ Relationship History (if applicable): none never had date

§ Likes and Dislikes: partys. girls and boys playing guiter and keyboard. hates jerks. people who hurt her friends. very girly people, juvie

§ Hobbies/Extra-curricular Details: popular kids. glee club

§ Possible Portrayer: jojo

§ Any ideas for storylines?: Principle make her join because of a fight. glee club think its was joke. her try out. but they amazing find amazing best singer that they hear

§ Anything Else (any other knick-knacks you don't think fit into the above sections

audition song: A Man's World by james brown

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