Full Name: Caroline Hackitt

Gender: Female

Age: 43-ish

Hair Colour: Brown but definitely greying (covers with dye)

Eye Colour: Green

Birthday: 7th May

Interests: Her children and husband, education of all kinds, the arts, drama, fairness and justice

Clique (choose from the above characters needed): Headmistress

Talents: Imposing nature, strength of character, tolerance, power-house of a woman

Weaknesses: Her husband and children (particularly the youngest)

Sexuality: Straight

Audition Song: N/A (but if she had to, Man! I feel like a Woman - Shania Twain)

Past Information: Dr. Hackitt is a larger-than-life presence at McKinley, embodying everything Will could have ever wished for in a Headmistress. Growing up in a large Christian family in Georgia, she is well-educated and even went to university in England to complete her PHD. Although she has a profound love for all things dramatic and flamboyant, she has never wanted to do anything other than teach and learn, seeing this as the greatest gift to the next generation. A real battle-axe, she has a no-nonsense attitude, knows almost all students by name and will greet them in the corridors. She is confronted with the eternal juggling of arts, academics and sports that is at the root of McKinley life, but is always fair in her judgement. Despite her attempts to eradicate bullying, people still manage to slip under her radar, although if discovered they are dealt with firmly and thoroughly. Although she appears confident and strong-willed, she is anxious about her youngest child who has Polio and is also concerned by her husband's continued smoking. She has four children, two of whom are adults, the youngest being 11. Her third child attends McKinley.

Others: Incredibly firm handshake and a booming voice. First woman in her family to gain an education and champions female education, as well as achievement of all kinds. Trying to introduce new sports and encourage fundraising. Believes "you learn something even if you aren't trying" and "education continues even after you leave school."