GLEE: The Second Generation

Episode 1: Roll-call


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It’s a new year at McKinley high school – and the last for Will Schuester, History teacher and Glee Club coach. With nothing to lose in his final year before retirement, Will is determined to bring back his beloved New Directions and restore the Glee Club to its former glory.

In Roll-call, we are introduced to some of the characters of McKinley high school, and we see the first auditions for the New Directions: The Second Generation.

Spoilers (highlight to see):EditEdit

Sabrina, Micky, Keeley, Austin, Freddie, Fraser, Annie, Avery, Santi, Landon, Ollie and Rebecca all appear in this episode for the first time. Among these, only six audition in this episode for Glee Club.

Whilst not mentioned by name, David, Shawn, Aaliyah, Christine and other students are seen for the first time.

There are two confrontations in McKinley’s corridors, one of which involves a slushy and Coach Humphrey.

There are strained relations between two different pairs of characters – not related to the fights.

Someone takes a dumpster dive.

Someone auditions alone for Mr. Schuester (in a totally non-creepy way) with an unknown supporter watching.

Cast (named):Edit

- Matthew Morrison: Will Schuester

- Emma Roberts: Sabrina Hudson

- Ellen Page: Micky Hudson

- David Lambert: Freddie Jacobson

- Jennifer Lawrence: Rebecca Smythe

- Colton Hayes: Oliver Smythe

- Aisha Dee: Keeley Evans

- Austin Butler: Austin Carter

- Jojo: Avery Puckerman

- Jake Abel: Fraser Karofsky

- Nicole Linkletter: Annie Gomez

- Alexander Ludwig: Landon Evans

- Dennis Quaid: Coach Tyson Humphrey

- Nene Leaks: Coach Roz Washington

- Chris Riggi: Santi Lopez

- Penelope Wilton: Dr. Caroline Hackitt


EDIT: OK, since I still haven't been able to recover the original file, I'll let you know who auditions. Currently writing Episode Two which I may upload tomorrow, you lucky ducks. Sorry this is all out of order!

  • "Loser Like Me" by The New Directions/Glee, sung by Sabrina Hudson</li>
  • "Skyscraper" by Demi Lovato, sung by Keeley Evans</li>
  • "Mr. Brightside" by The Killers, sung by Santi Lopez</li>
  • "No Second Prize" by Jimmy Barnes, sung by Oliver Smythe</li>
  • "Why Don't You Do Right/ Gold Digger" by Peggy Lee/Kanye West (Mashup), sung by Micky Hudson</li>
  • "Holding On" by Heather Small, sung by Rebecca Smythe</li>
  • "Get It Right" by The New Directions/Glee, sung by Mr. Will Schuester</li>
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