Kelsea Claire Evans

goes by Keeley Evans


parents: Mercedes Jones and Sam Evans AKA Samcedes


grade 11

Like both of her parents she is a Christian.

personality: Keeley is a mix between her parents. She has Mercedes' diva attitude but jokes around alot like Sam. She can be very mother like. She is smart, good @ advice, sweet, loving, fun to hang with, loyal, bubbly, animated, but when you cross her expect her fiery, fierce, diva side to come out. She has an attitude so yeah she is a smart aleck.

appearance: She is tall like Sam and has Mercedes' smile and dark almond shape and colored eyes. She has a slender, a toned body, dimples, dark brown hair and her ears pierced. She skinnier than Mercedes but she isn't Santana skinny she is in the middle. potrayer: Aisha Dee [1]Added by SamcedesandKlaineForeverstraight

She likes to paint, sing, act, and write songs. She is on the debate team, glee club, and is also in drama.

She wants to be a famous singer/song writer. Right now that is her future to her. Songwriting and singing is her calling and that is what she aspires to be. She hopes to get into Julliard.

Storyline: She is 12 weeks pregnant by her boyfriend Austin Owens.. She hasn't told her parents yet but her older sister and Austin knows. The storyline could be evolved from that however you want.

dislikes: she hates bullies,

likes: glee club, Nick, her friends and family, ballet,

Relationship: she has a boyfriend named Austin Owens

backstory: Keeley is the 2nd to the oldest child of four children. ( order of kids: Daniella=17, Alexis=15, Jake=12, and Zander=13 months. ) She lives in a loving household and was taught that she can be whatever she wanted to be if she worked hard and never gave up. She is her father's world. She loves her mom but she really cherishes her father. She always go to her dad and tries to let him get her out of trouble. She was placed in acting, singing, and ballet classes at the age of 4. She is a total girly girl by the way.

Glee Club Specific:

audition song: Skyscraper-Demi Lovato

Type of music: Pop and R&B

other songs: Breathe-Anna Nalick, I hope you Dance(Gladys Knight version), Beautiful-Christina Aguilera, Jagged Little Pill-Alanis Morisette