Full name: Ms. Natalie Lucas

Nickname: Lucas (by pupils)

Age : 34

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Stereotype: Firm but fair Geography teacher

Talents: Teaching, academics, children, honesty, trust, spirit, hippiness, unafraid to stand up for herself and what she believes in

Flaws: Too trusting, takes matters to heart, too free-spirited and liberal at points, can get carried away, determination can get the better of her.

Personality: Natalie is a wonderful, friendly teacher, and loves working with children. Although she can be firm, she feels that people should have the freedom to express themselves, and will fight for anyone or anything she cares about. She trusts readily, and takes it to heart when people betray that trust. She is kind and caring, with a nigh-on perma-smile, but has a definite backbone.

Description: About 5'8, half-Chinese biracial but definitely more connected to her American roots, midlength wavy coffee coloured hair, hazel eyes, very feminine sense of style

Audition Song: N/A (but if she had to, I'm Like A Bird - Nelly Furtado)

Favorite Artists/ Music genre /bands etc: Easy-listening chilled music - Corrine Bailey Ray, Laura Izibor, Fyfe Dangerfield, etc.

Background: Natalie grew up in Pennsylvania with a large and loving family, although there were some cultural clashes with her Mom's Chinese roots. Loved by everyone, she was well liked at high school, being part of the cheerleading squad, but was kind of a loner and preferred to connect with nature and what surrounded her rather than people. She studied Geography in New York before doing a conversion course to teaching. She took part in environmental activism at university, and still retains some hippy elements, being a keen recycler and attending sit-ins and protests for the environment. Natalie has been teaching at the boarding school for almost a decade now, and is heavily involved in the arts. Her main love is art (mainly landscapes and daily scenes), and she wanted to become an artist, but never believed she had the talent or confidence to study it and make a career out of it. She has had three serious relationships in the past, mostly with other activists, and has always been the one to pull the plug. That said, she has strong feelings, and has been hurt by each break up.

Portrayer: Michaela Conlin

Other Information: Natalie enjoys people watching, coffee, and spends most weekends sketching people she watches on the streets. Her apartment is an explosion of creativity and artisticness, full of vibrant colours and drawings. She can be a bit of a thrill seeker and looks for danger (particularly when she was younger) - she's been abseiling and parachuting, and still takes part in peaceful protests from time to time.