• Full Name (including middle names) and any Nicknames (if applicable):Rachel Barbara st. James
  • Age:16
  • Grade:Sophomore
  • Gender:Female
  • Sexuality:straight
  • Description of Appearance:black hair, bright brown eyes and a normal height. always dress up really fancy. she has a strong opinion about skirts (she always wears skirts)
  • Personality (fairly detailed to get a character feel - good points and flaws): while from a first impression Rachel Barbara st. James behaves like Rachel Berry 2.0. with her Broadway agenda and her BIG ego. but after getting to know her better, they are two different people. She has very strong opinions and doesn't affraid to say them, She hates to talks when she doesn't have something meaningful to say, So she spends most of the time with big headphones or a thick book.
  • Parents:Jessie St. James and an unknown mother (not a very important one.. or maybe ;) )
  • Backstory: Grew up in NYC with her father. and was raised on Broadway foundations. Jessie, although he was pretty lazy in collage became a Broadway Phenomenon, and all her early years she spent living in the backstage of the theaters, and even played a small part in a musical when she was 8. when Jessie found out there are going to make a film about his life and they are filming it in Lima and they are willing to show his relationship with Rachel berry, he rushes back to Ohio and takes Rachel with him. while back in NY Rachel was almost a celebrity, In Ohio she is something between invisible to an easy target for bullying. at the beginning she is trying everything that she can to leave Lime and go back to New York, but after a while, she is trying to find out why does she gets all those looks and glares from this show-choir director and from other people when she says her name.
  • Likes and Dislikes:

Dislikes: her new life (at the beginning). girls who never wore a skirt. to talk when she doesn't need to. Hypocrites. people who question her talent or her intelligence. likes: books, staying awake at night, Conspiracies, Singing, Acting, dancing, to appreciate someone.

  • Hobbies/Extra-curricular Details: a Top student that refuses to join all those clubs.
  • Possible Portrayer: Hmm... I hove Nothing right now ;)
  • Any ideas for storylines?:Well... I think that her name and her father give plenty of storyline :>
  • Anything Else (any other knick-knacks you don't think fit into the above sections):
  • Audition Song: Gravity By Sara Bareillies (she calls this song her Audition Song)
  • Favourite Type of Music/Artist: Showtunes, classic rock, and female pop Singer-Songwriters and Lady Gaga at the beginning of her way
  • Any other songs: Coming Home by Nerina Pallot, Girl and the Ghost by KT Tunstall, Love Song By Sara Bareillies, Hurt by Christina Aguilera